The Australian approach to managing risk and safety in the mining and wider resources sector is renowned as world class and the benchmark for many other nations to use for their own improvement goals.

In Australia our world-leading safety performance was originally derived from mining productivity gains – new technology, techniques and approaches required new systems, behaviours, training and more – which in turn provided significant improvements in areas of productivity, risk, quality, safety, environmental management and the culture.

Our services in relation to safety include:

  • The development, implementation and maintenance of Safety and Health Management Systems mapped to industry legislation and Australian/New Zealand and International Standards.
  • The provision of key safety and risk management personnel including those required under industry legislation (statutory roles)
  • Audit of existing Risk and WHS Management Systems.

The knowledge and application of Health & Safety Standards such as AS4801:2001 OHS Management Systems is a fundamental requirement for anyone working in the resources, energy and major projects sectors.

AS4801 sets auditable criteria for the OHS Management System and supports the identification and control of a range of risks facing any business or project, across a broad range of industries.

Standards support legislation and are fundamental to ensuring not only a successful outcome but also an ongoing refinement of key systems and procedures. As a consequence, an organisation will become increasingly robust in response to both existing and future competition, as well as becoming more aware of key risks in the globalised business environment.

The Global Best Practices for Mining Safety – The Australian Experience training program provides participants with insight into the Australian Standards that are closely linked to mining legislation, Industry Standards and Codes of Practice that are the backbone to the success of significant gains in safety, productivity and more.

Participants will gain an understanding of the architecture of a Safety & Health Management System that supports the cognitive behaviour and safety culture of some of the most productive mines in the world.

This program is ideally suited for those people working in the Exploration, Mining, Construction or Processing sectors in roles such as Health & Safety Managers, Mining or Processing Managers, Engineers or Supervisors & General Managers.

This highly interactive, interesting and informative workshop is delivered in a dynamic ‘hands-on’ learning environment, using a series of case studies and actual site data to support the learning outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Familiarisation with Australian and global health & safety standards
  • Health and safety management system architecture for success
  • The technology of safety – innovation
  • The value of investing in training the workforce
  • Safety and productivity gains
  • Learning from others and incidents
  • Establishing and maintaining a health and safety management system
  • How to create a safe working culture

Successful completion of the program will result in a Certificate of Completion being issued.

The training program course is delivered by leading expert professionals with extensive qualifications and experience in Australian and international mining operations, legislation and risk, training, health & safety standards.

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