Also known as ‘G2’, this unit is highly recommended for any person required to facilitate formal risk assessments and implement and monitor the effectiveness of mitigation controls.  It describes a participant’s skills and knowledge required to carry out risk management processes in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries.

Program Code

Program Title
Carry Out The Risk Management Process

2 Days

Mode of Delivery
Workplace & blended

All programs can be delivered on-site and be contextualised to reflect client-specific management systems, processes, objectives and operations.

This unit provides the learner with more detailed knowledge about risk management and tools to assess risk – one such common tool is the Workplace Risk Assessment and Control (WRAC).

The program also provides insight into how to monitor the effectiveness of the controls that are implemented to reduce risk to an acceptable level, to check on how the controls have been adopted by the workforce and to make adjustments without introducing additional hazards inadvertently.

  1. Plan and prepare for implementing the risk management process
  2. Identify hazards
  3. Assess risk
  4. Identify unacceptable risk
  5. Identify potential actions
  6. Decide on action
  7. Implement or facilitate action
  8. Review the implementation of action
  9. Audit the risk management process
  10. Complete records and reports

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