Also known as ‘G7’, the purpose of RIIWHS601D Establish and maintain the WHS management system program provides participants with the knowledge, skills and ability to establish and maintain OHS/WHS Management Systems in the resources and infrastructure industry.

AQF Course Code



Four (4) days + Self-paced post-course assessment

Program Title
Establish and maintain the WHS management system

Mode of Delivery
Workplace & blended

Workplace training: Australia Wide
Classroom based training: Australia Wide

Both the knowledge and application of safety management systems is a fundamental requirement for anyone working in mining, extractive industries and construction.

The identification and control of a range of safety and health issues facing any business or project, across a broad range of industries, is fundamental to ensuring not only the safety and well-being of personnel but also business benefits such as sound productivity, positive organisational climate and reduced attrition rates.

As a consequence, an organisation will become increasingly robust in response to both existing and future competition as well as becoming aware of the benefits of applying such safety principles in the globalised business environment.

The ‘G7’ program is designed for those people working in the Resources and Infrastructure Industry in roles such as Safety Managers, Open Cut Examiners, Site Senior Executives and members of Management teams.

Experience in Civil Construction, Coal Mining, Drilling, Metalliferous mining industries, Oil and Gas sector or the Extractive industries would be an advantage to the participant.

This highly interactive and practical based program is delivered by professionals with both qualifications and extensive experience in the establishment, maintenance and audit of WHS management systems. It is designed to train and assess participants in the following components:

  1. Knowledge of the requirements, procedures and instructions that apply to establish and maintain an OHS/WHS management system
  2. Implementation of procedures and techniques for the safe, effective and efficient establishment and maintenance of OHS/WHS management systems
  3. The identification of the relevant information and scope of the work to meet the required outcomes
  4. Working with others to establish and maintain OHS/WHS management systems
  5. The consistent and timely establishment and maintenance of OHS/WHS management systems

The program is structured around the completion of a series of inter-linked activities and is reliant on active participation throughout the program. Post-course assessment is required to complete the unit of competency requirements.

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